Impact46 is a social impact accelerator.
We work with philanthropists, impact investors, foundations and CSR departments, as well as non-profits and social enterprises. We provide world-class experience, tools and tech to help foster their social impact.  

Impact46 raises both the quality and accessibility of strategic consulting for key players in the philanthropic market. It does so by offering:

World-class experience
i46 strives to provide the highest-quality social impact consulting available globally. i46 Founder Nicola Crosta directly oversees every consulting project, working closely with some of the world’s most experienced social impact practitioners.

Robust tools
Clients benefit from advanced tools, methodologies and tech to design, implement and measure social impact programs.

Day-to-day support
i46 believes in the value of strategy, but is also committed to supporting clients in the day-to-day challenges of implementation.

5 Services for Donors

Impact Strategy
i46 helps donors define their social impact strategy or review existing strategies. We leverage our Impact Compass tool to assess and maximize your impact.

Impact Selection
i46 helps donors select high-impact non-profits among any sector or geographic scope. We also carry out due diligence of existing Portfolio grantees.

Impact Monitoring
i46 helps monitor Portfolios of social organizations and track their social impact. Our team can deliver professional Impact Reports that are tailored to your needs.

Impact Communication
i46 helps donors communicate social impact in a professional, ethical manner, within and outside of their organization. We also help them track their contribution to the SDGs.

Special Initiatives
Whether the goal is to open a new Foundation, start a global initiative for social impact or set up a social enterprise incubator, i46 provides exceptional experience to donors and social investors building their social impact endeavors.

4 Services for Responsible Investors

Deal Sourcing
Impact46 supports investors’ capacity to source investments that have a positive social and environmental impact. We do so by helping you develop the tools and criteria to ‘filter’ leads from a social impact perspective. We also support sourcing by performing targeted thematic and geographic Ecosystem Researches that help identify potential investees and/or sourcing partners.

Due Diligence
Impact46 supports responsible investors in the development of processes and tools that add a ‘social lens’ to the investment process. We help define criteria to be utilized during the due diligence of potential investees to assess their effective capacity to deliver social impact. Our approach is pragmatic: beyond traditional ‘ESG checklists’, we develop tools that are tailored to the size and specific needs of the investor. If useful, we can join – as advisors – your investment committee(s) and contribute our experience to your investment decisions.

Portfolio Management and Impact Monitoring
We help you develop systems and tools to constantly monitor the social impact of your portfolio. This includes helping you define the process and criteria to be used for each of your investees and the way data from your portfolio can be effectively aggregated in a dashboard that supports your decisions and provides material for internal and external communication on your investments’ social impact.

Capacity Development of Investees
Impact46 has developed a robust methodology to support your investees and help them define and assess their social impact. Our approach is designed to help maximize your Portfolio companies’ social impact and strengthen their capacity to measure and communicate it to investors.

3 Services for Non-Profits and Social Enterprises

Strategic Review
The Review offers an opportunity for the leadership to step back from day-to-day operations, assess strategic opportunities and plan for the future. We apply our signature Impact Compass to carry out a thorough analysis of Programs, Operations and Governance and to offer actionable recommendations.

Day-to-Day Support
Through the unique i46 retainer model, we are available for day-to-day support to the organization and to help achieve the milestones of its strategy. We offer day-to-day support in:

  • Program and project design

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Fundraising strategy, initiatives and events

  • Communications and digital presence

  • Governance, HR and internal Policies

Social Impact Evaluations
We can co-design with the organization and implement evaluations that quantify their social impact, as a whole or on a specific program or project.

Nicola Crosta
Founder and CEO

Nicola Crosta is one of the world’s leading experts on impact investment, philanthropy and non-profit management, with extensive experience among a wide range of impact-driven organizations.
UN and OECD: Nicola held senior management positions in the world’s top international organizations for a total of 18 years. At the United Nations in New York, Nicola played a key role in helping to define the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Epic Foundation: As Executive Vice President and Board Member, Nicola helped to build one of the most innovative philanthropic Foundations from the ground up. At Epic, Nicola oversaw one of the largest NGO and donor surveys ever performed globally and the development of cutting-edge non-profits’ due diligence and social impact monitoring methodologies.
Baan Dek Foundation: Nicola is the Founder of Baan Dek, an award-winning social enterprise that provides access to services to thousands of migrant kids across Southeast Asia. In recent years, Baan Dek has become a strategic implementing partner of UNICEF and won the MIT Award for Social Innovation (Solve 2017).
Author and lecturer: Nicola’s articles and books on social impact, development economics and philanthropy have been extensively translated and published globally. He has been visiting lecturer on social impact and innovation at MIT, Harvard, Sciences Po and Hong Kong University.
Nicola Crosta directly oversees support to every client. Depending on the nature and scope of the task, i46 selects a team from some of the finest, most experienced social impact practitioners globally. These world-class professionals represent diverse areas of expertise, ensuring impact among any sector or geographic scope.

Advisory Board

Patrick Fournier
Chairman | CalpersHotels & HotelFactory

Assia Grazioli
Founder & Partner | Muse Capital
Board of Directors | Juventus Football Club

Kennedy Odede
Founder & CEO | SHOFCO

Viria Vichit-Vadakan
Researcher | MIT Media Lab
Co-Founder | G-Lab & GSSE, Thammasat University

Ruben Vardanyan
Co-Founder | Aurora Humanitarian Initiative

François Dassault
Entrepreneur & Social Investor


Nicola Crosta

Allison Sanders
Senior Impact Advisor

Elisa Sabbion
Senior Impact Advisor



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